HyperGuest & Avani Pattaya Resort

HyperGuest & Avani Pattaya Resort

HyperGuest onboards Avani Pattaya Resort!
Tal Lavi
April 17, 2023

We're happy to announce our partnership with Avani Pattaya Resort!

The resort is located a couple of hours from Bangkok - the perfect escape from the big city. This prime location in the heart of Pattaya gives you easy access to the city and makes it simple to balance work and fun. If you want to get a tropical oasis of sun, sea and sand - book your stay today at the Avani Pattaya Resort!

Our sincere thanks go out to Chatrada Nutrujirod for helping us to make this partnership happen. As she put it, “We are confident that HyperGuest will help us build a recognizable brand and drive new revenues and customers”. Cheers to another successful partnership! 

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