HyperGuest & eGlobal Solutions

HyperGuest & eGlobal Solutions

HyperGuest & eGlobe Solutions integration is live!
Tal Lavi
January 4, 2023

Meet our new Travel Tech  partners in india eGlobe Solutions!

eGlobe Solutions started as a Hotel Booking Engine software. Through the years, the company has expanded its operations, and its product portfolio includes: Hotel Channel Manager, Mobile Applications, Cloud Property Management

System, Housekeeping, and Point of Sale.

eGlobe is connected with 100+ global channel partners, and is also one of the leading service providers for Google Hotel ads with more than 4800+ onboarded properties.

We would like to thank Tarun Sabharwal,Pradeep Sudhakaran, and all of the eglobal team for helping us develop this wonderful partnership!.

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