HyperGuest & Hotels VIVA

HyperGuest & Hotels VIVA

HyperGuest onboards Hotels VIVA!
Tal Lavi
February 23, 2023

Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Hotels VIVA chain!

A family hotel that has been in the market for more than 20 years! 

Hotels VIVA is comprising 5 hotels geared towards families, sports enthusiasts and the general public, and another 2 Hotels, under  VIVA Adults' Only, offering an Adults Only service.

At HyperGuest, we are continuing to expand our network of accommodations at HyperGuest and this partnership will increase our options for Travel Demand players in Spain.

Hotels Viva Quote:

“We have decided to connect with HyperGuest because it gives us the option to grow our business and reach more new Travel partners.”

We would like to thank Cati Cardell, E-commerce manager at Hotels VIVA for helping to develop this great partnership!

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