HyperGuest & Hotelzify

HyperGuest & Hotelzify

HyperGuest is happy to integrate with Hotelzify!
March 14, 2024

Exciting Announcement! HyperGuest integrates with Hotelzify

Hotelzify, a hospitality software company, leverages AI technology to boost room fill rates and reduce commission expenses for hotels, disrupting the status quo with innovation.

Why HyperGuest and Hotelzify Joined Forces?  

Anirudh Ganesh, CEO & Co-Founder at Hotelzify, shares, "HyperGuest is a two-birds-one-stone solution, addressing distribution needs for independent properties and synchronizing inventory for chains."

Special thanks to Anirudh Ganesh, Gawtam Bhat, and Akshay RR from the Hotelzify team for their invaluable support during the integration process.

To learn more about our integration with Hotelzify click here!

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