HyperGuest & KEA Hotels

HyperGuest & KEA Hotels

HyperGuest onboards KEA Hotels!
Tal Lavi
March 9, 2022

We welcome on board to HyperGuest this super elegant hotel group -Keahotels Iceland!

Keahotels is one of the largest hotelchains in Iceland operating nine hotels; six in Reykjavík, one in Akureyri, one in Siglufjörður and one in Vík in Mýrdal.Each hotel has its own atmosphere and touch, offering a unique experience that is

characteristic for its design and location.

FYI - Keahotels has received the 'The Strongest in Iceland' awards for an outstanding business performance several years in a row!

We would like to thank Maria Eugenia Aleman for helping to develop this wonderful partnership!

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