HyperGuest & My Story Hotels

HyperGuest & My Story Hotels

HyperGuest is happy to onboard My Story Hotels!
January 17, 2024

Great news as we team up with My Story Hotels, a fantastic hotel chain in Portugal.

With beautiful collection of hotels located in Lisbon, Porto, and the Azores, My Story Hotels inviting you to enjoy Portugal's magic in each special spot.

Why HyperGuest?

"The opportunity for new business, the proactive approach of HyperGuest’s team, and their genuine interest in forging a partnership with My Story Hotels were key factors that influenced our decision.", says Gonçalo Nunes, Revenue Manager at My Story Hotels.

We want to thank Gonçalo and the rest of team for their important help in making this partnership happen!

Together, we're all set for a journey filled with unique experiences and a true taste of Portugal.

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