HyperGuest & Baobab Suites Hotel

HyperGuest & Baobab Suites Hotel

HyperGuest onboards Baobab Suites Hotel!
Tal Lavi
December 11, 2022

Say Hi and welcome to our new Hotel partners – BAOBAB SUITES Hotel!

About Baobab Suites Hotel:

Baobab Suites is a luxury hotel that stands out for its excellent location in the south of Tenerife, between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Inspired by elegance and minimalism, this hotel has earned itself a position as one of the best hotels in Europe!  

Baobab Suites quote:

We chose HyperGuest as our partner in order to increase our profitability & occupancy rate automatically, and at the same time keep full control over our rates.

We would like to thank Eva Bascones for helping to develop this wonderful partnership!

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