HyperGuest & Curt di Clement Hotel

HyperGuest & Curt di Clement Hotel

HyperGuest onboards Curt di Clement Hotel!
Tal Lavi
August 16, 2022

We are happy to introduce our new and very special partners – Curt di Clement Hotel.

About Curt di Clement:

Curt di Clement is the first Eco Mobility Hotel in Italy, that proposes a holiday with slow and sustainable mobility – A green holiday that is able to reduce the environmental impact caused by the massive employment of cars.

Everyone can enjoy themselves and save our planet at the same time: by bike, train, or on foot.

Curt di Clement quote:

The main reason we decided to work with HyperGuest is its concept. Being on HyperGuest allows the hotel to be seen and booked by a wide range of companies and travel agents, who without HyperGuest cannot reach the hotel,

simply because they don’t know it.

We have always worked with portals dedicated to the b2c world, this is the first dynamic and very responsive Marketplace dedicated to the b2b world, and we have been immediately fascinated by this idea.

In the past, when a company or a travel agent wanted to cooperate with us, the solutions were all manual and very risky: if you work with an allotment, you risk overbooking, if you work on request, you never know the best moment to

sell a room to a travel agent and if you don’t have a booking center, you don’t know even the best price. With HyperGuest, all these opportunities are well managed directly inside the Marketplace: the hotel has always its inventory

under control, and can determine specific rates, with specific commissions; the company or agent can book directly from there and know that the availability is always updated.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the time we save;  when a request is sent via email for an offer, the hotel must answer but, if busy, the offer is not sent immediately; besides, the offer must be written, or at least availability

and rates must be checked; finally, if the company wants to confirm, they have to send another email to the hotel, with the risk that in the meantime the room has been sold or the price has changed. With HyperGuest, all these

troubles are avoided, with also a great time saving, companies can book online and thanks to the interface with the most famous channel manager, the reservation is downloaded in the PMS of the hotel after one minute.

To sum up, HyperGuest is a great opportunity for us to optimize our global b2b network and make better partnerships with Demand partners, under no limitations.

We would like to thank Riccardo Comandi and the rest of Curt di Clement team for helping to develop this wonderful partnership!

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