HyperGuest & Royal Group Hotels & Resorts

HyperGuest & Royal Group Hotels & Resorts

HyperGuest onboards Royal Group Hotels & Resorts!
Tal Lavi
August 9, 2022

About Royal Group Hotels & Resorts:
We are happy to announce our partnership with the Royal Group Hotels & Resorts!

Royal Group Hotels & Resorts is an Italian brand representing 4 hotels, all different in style and architecture, size and location, charm and refinement.

A few interesting facts about the Group:

  1. 250,000 people passing through the group’s hotels every year.
  2. 746 hotel rooms in total.
  3. 30 meeting rooms seating up to 3,000 people in total.
  4. 5 restaurants with places for a total of 800 diners.

We would like to thank Lorenzo Raffaele Totaro and the rest of the Royal Group Hotels & Resorts team for helping to develop this wonderful partnership!

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