HyperGuest & REISEbazaar

HyperGuest & REISEbazaar

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with REISEbazaar!
Tal Lavi
Travel Provider
January 10, 2023

We happy to announce our latest partnership with REISEbazaar, part of the Airticket Group.

REISEbazaar is a Norwegian based tour operator for both B2B and B2C clients. The company works with over 160 retail travel agents in Norway and Sweden and offers a wide range of travel services from diving trips, family trips,

cultural trips, honeymoons, hikes, bike trips, and more in over 177 countries worldwide.

REISEbazaar Quote:

"Many of the small hotels we work with aren't connected to any online booking system or distribution of their rates.. Getting these properties signed up with HyperGuest was one of our main interests in joining the platform"

We would like to thank  Thor Vaz de Leon, CAO and product development at REISEbazaar and to the rest of the of REISEbazaar team for helping us develop this wonderful partnership!

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