HyperGuest & SWISStours

HyperGuest & SWISStours

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with SWISStours!
Tal Lavi
Travel Provider
April 25, 2023

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with SWISStours, a travel-tech company offering a wide range of Switzerland attractions and tailoring them into tour packages. With their newly launched Itinerary Builder powered by SWISStours' proprietary algorithm, you can now create the perfect Switzerland package in just 25 seconds!

SWISStours is happy to partner with HyperGuest, as they put it “HyperGuest is an innovative company with a helpful team that brings a lot of value to their business.”

We're excited to work together to provide even more amazing travel experiences to our clients.

Special thanks to ABRAHAM TOOVEY for his help in developing this partnership. 

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