HyperGuest & TRVLR

HyperGuest & TRVLR

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with TRVLR!
Travel Provider
January 11, 2024

Introducing our exciting partnership with TRVLR, the modern hotel marketplace tailored exclusively for travel advisors , revolutionizing the booking landscape with lightning-fast commission settlements.

TRVLR hotel booking platform integrates advanced payment technology delivering unmatched transparency and speed. Commission settlements are over 10X faster, travelers are safe and secure, and hotels see increased revenue in several different ways.

Why HyperGuest?

"Our collaboration journey with HyperGuest has been an exceptional ride. Their constant support and dedication have been instrumental in our growth," shares Nicolas Klenner Peluffo, CEO at TRVLR.

Thank you Nicolas, and F. Phillip Harnsberger, for your instrumental roles in nurturing this great partnership! 🚀✨

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