HyperGuest & Turangra

HyperGuest & Turangra

HyperGuest is happy to be partnered with Turangra!
Tal Lavi
Travel Provider
August 22, 2023

We are happy to announce the partnership of HyperGuest and Turangra!

About Turangra: Turangra, the Azores' premier tour operator and DMC, is renowned for uncovering hidden gems and unique experiences. Representing international tour operators with expertise, Turangra is your gateway to authentic Azorean journeys.

Why Turangra chose HyperGuest: Turangra joins forces with HyperGuest for swift bookings with their hotel partners and improved distribution. Expect quicker, seamless access to Turangra's exceptional offerings.

Special Thanks: A big thank you to Cátia Miguel, Marilda Almeida, Gonçalo Palma, Sónia Melo, and Mariana Laureano for making this partnership a reality!

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