Does your platform assist with enhancing my own clients experience?

Yes, certainly!

Due to the nature of our platform that facilitates direct connectivity and communication on a real-time basis coupled with access to the hotel’s full, comprehensive, and highest quality static data (photos, descriptions, etc.) you can provide for your client superb service and excellent user experience.

You can now play on equal terms which up until now were only available for a small number of giants (mainly, the very large OTAs). We level the playing field for you! You are not compelled anymore to manage your business when your hands are tied behind your back! It is time to be free.

No more booking failures! As we are connected directly to the hotel’s system and as we are not caching results and we are therefore eliminating booking failures. No need to make excuses anymore for your clients as to why the quoted price is gone or the room availability has vanished!

Service your customers as they deserve! No need to go through a long chain of support centers anymore, without the ability to talk directly with the hotel and resolve any issue in a matter of short timeframe. These frustrating situations where the hotel is not willing to take your call because from their perspective you are not registered as the rightful “booker” are now over.

These nerve-wracking circumstances, where your client is desperately waiting for an answer from you, but you are caught with your supplier’s support center who is waiting to get an answer from their supplier support center… who now are taking a break

(and so on and on and so forth, this miserable chain continues…) – can now be avoided completely!

With us, you are always one phone or a call away from solving the issue directly with the hotel in no time.

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